How to Move Art and Antiques: DIY Tips and Specialty Movers

If you’re planning to move to a new home and have family heirlooms, antiques, or art, there are a lot of alternatives for safely moving them. You can categorize the options available to you into three fundamental factors of moving:

  • The process of packing in antiques and artwork
  • moving objects into and out of a building
  • Then, unpack items and set up the contents and then set them up

We are aware that antiques and art of speciality require particular attention. The factors to be considered when moving antiques are:

  • How much do I want to spend?
  • How can I be sure of my packing abilities?
  • How much control do I need?
  • What should I do to manage?

Before you think about moving, it’s recommended to have your costly antiques and artwork appraised and insured before moving. Appraisals are crucial since their value for your items could have increased over what you previously thought (or thought) the item’s value was.

The family heirlooms you cherish are worth the price of admission, and you wouldn’t ever consider selling them. However, with appraisals and insurance, you’ll have financial recourse if the pieces are damaged in moving.

Packing Your Art and Antiques

Let’s examine the first part of packing. There are two choices, and you can either complete it yourself or employ a professional.

Hire Specialty Movers or Full-Service Movers:

When you hire a full-service movers company or relocate, You can employ a specialist mover to pack your art and antiques. Certain businesses may require they also transport these delicate items, while others might not give full warranties if they do not handle and transport the objects after the packing.

They have abundant knowledge and expertise and have the best packing equipment like custom-designed boxes, crates and premium packing materials. This combination of knowledge and equipment can make hiring movers an appealing option.

These special movers may be expensive; however, hiring an expert to pack your expensive possessions is generally less expensive than hiring paid movers to move everything.

Full-service movers can pack and relocate your entire home and offer packing services similar to moving companies that deal with heavy appliances and pianos as well as furniture. If you’re already working with an all-inclusive moving company and you’re not, it makes sense to ask them to take care of your precious antique china cabinets, vases, and china and artwork.

The verdict Hire specialist movers to transport your fragile possessions will cost more than doing it yourself; however, you are assured that the objects are safe (assuming that you take care to handle antiques and art with care during transport).

DIY Packing

If you have the time and tools, the knowledge of packing and the confidence to pack the most valuable things, you can do it easily. Based on your items, you’ll require an array of packing equipment.

You may need:

  • Blankets for moving (for furniture)
  • Glassine paper (for art)
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Spare cardboard boxes
  • Picture boxes
  • Telescoping boxes
  • Custom wood crates
  • Straw for packing (for delicate pottery)

For complete instructions on safely packing your mirrors, art and pictures and antiques, check out the Art and Antiques packing Guide. Check out our Grandfather Clock Packing and Moving Guide if you’re moving the grandfather clock.

Moving Your Art and Antiques

DIY Art Moving

There are many aspects of a move you can perform yourself, and you have numerous options to do it yourself to move special items like art as you would with a “normal” move. You can decide the level of control you would like regarding transportation.

You can move your valuable cargo in various methods – each with different levels of control and accountability.

In your car (an amount of control and accountability)

  • You should tuck boxes behind the seat of the passenger to provide greater stability
  • Place picture frames along the edges
  • They shouldn’t be placed flat when they’re placed on top of the highest point of the soft, secure objects

Rental Trucks (control and responsibility)

Like driving car security, your belongings’ security depends on how you stack and ensure their security.

Put the artwork on the edge, and cover it with stationery. A lot of movers will protect picture boxes

  • Two mattresses at the end
  • Alongside tabletops at the end of their legs
  • Between the ends of the couch and the stack of boxes

Renting trucks is simple to obtain; they pay per day plus mileage in most instances. You can rent a truck to relocate only the most valuable things and other items you require immediately after arriving. The use of a rental truck to make self-service or hybrid moves is becoming more and more widespread.

Utilize a Storage Container or Freight Service (less accountability or control)

These services deliver a storage unit or a freight trailer that you can fill yourself. Some freight services include storage, as do portable moving pod services like PODS or U-Pack.

Many pods or freight services will set a time frame for filling the storage space and removing the truck or pod.

Freight Services
  • Pay per linear foot (1’x8’x9′) – many freight companies have minimum requirements.
  • Fantastic if you have many antiques with heavy weights
  • You can upload it yourself or employ labour-only movers to get a feeling of full-service
  • A lot less expensive than full-service moving (if you pack correctly)
  • They usually allow you three days to fill the trailer
  • We have no control over the handling of units or transportation
Mobile Storage Pods
  • Pick-up schedules can vary
  • Storage and pricing fees are affordable
  • There is no control over the handling of units or transportation

Hybrid moving like this gives the user more flexibility in making a move to your new home. You can also load your antiques and art by yourself or employ experts to handle the task.

Full-service Movers for Art and Antiques

The gold standard of antique and art-related moving is a highly regarded moving company that can load, pack, transport, unpack and then set up your artwork or antiques. This method is easy to handle but is more expensive than a self-service or DIY move.

A full-service mover has the most efficient equipment to transport your most prized belongings, the experience to move fragile or heavy objects efficiently, and the proper packaging materials to keep your belongings secure during transportation.

Most reputable full-service domestic and international relocation companies provide insurance in addition to the insurance you decide to purchase to protect your belongings.

A lot of people pride themselves on their independence and creativity. But when it comes down to moving the most precious and fragile objects in your home, you can’t beat the expertise and experience of a professional.

Options for Unpacking Art and Antiques

The alternatives for unpacking your art are similar to those for packing. Why would you need a removal service for your valuables? Certain items require care and care. If you cannot devote that level of care to hanging your artwork or making an old-fashioned clock, seeking help could be an ideal option.

Full-Service Movers

If you’re already working with full-service moving services, then unpacking is an added service available for every item you have, including antiques and artwork. Professional movers are trained to manage the largest and most precious objects with the utmost care. However, speciality art movers could be the right choice if you have a treasured piece.

Specialty Art Experts and Labor-only Movers

Specialized movers can assist you in unpacking and assembling antiques of value and display your artwork if you own the authentic Rembrandt or Banksy work you’d like to put up. Many speciality movers will subcontract art experts to assist in the move-in.

DIY Art Unpacking:

It’s like: you take care of it yourself. Many people can complete this without much difficulty. It’s cheap to disassemble and assemble your most loved art and antiques; however, it is also a source of responsibility.

In the end, the choice lies with you. Art, antiques, or “breakable” things can bring immense satisfaction. Knowing what you want before packing art and moving it will relieve some of the stress of the difficult moving experience.

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