Effective Ways To Save Your Long Distance Moves and Local Moves

It’s been reported that moving is among the most stressful tasks to complete. We have heard horror stories from families and friends who made a move independently, and there were times when something broke or was lost accidentally during the process. Moving can be stressful enough without worrying about lost or damaged items.

1. If you’re moving locally, be sure that the movers are given a parking spot at the new location and the one you have lived in for a while. The most important thing you don’t do is find them parking a few miles from the location they’ll need to unload and load their truck. Being close to both homes will help them save much time and a lot of dollars. Find a place near the front doors of both. If it’s winter, ensure that all driveways are swept and salted.

2. The one thing you do not want to do is delay the process of moving. Be sure to have the items from your different rooms organized and clearly labeled on the boxes to ensure that you can get them unloaded into the right room in your new home. Do not leave breakable objects on furniture, or you’d like the moving company breaking something.

3. Place a spot in the old house where you can place each box you’ve labeled according to. The stacking will help make life much easier for the movers to move in, as they don’t need to go through each room to find the box to take it to the door.

4. Be sure that all clutter has been taken out of every room in your home. Make sure you have a clear path to the front door of both houses.

5. Take away sheets, pillows, blankets, and bedspreads for your beds. Please put them in marked boxes.

6. If you own large objects like cribs, exercise equipment, trampolines, swings, etc. Make sure that each is taken apart.

7. If you own lawn mowers, be sure to empty the gas. Take everything out of your garage, including cabinets, hoses, tools, rakes, shovels, etc.

8. Make sure all your appliances are connected.

9. Write down the names for each of the rooms in your new home so that the movers can find them in the boxes. Moving crews will be able to quickly position the right boxes in the correct room.

Suppose you’re sick of listening to horror tales from family members and relatives who do not employ professionals. In that case, you should consider hiring professionals for a move and storage and packing for you (if you need to).

If you find yourself searching for a local or long-distance mover, then you are at the right place, at New Day Moving. We provide full-service movers and pack and have experience in commercial and residential relocations.

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