Modesto Moving Service

Relocation sounds very hectic and is a process of constant, careful planning. To shift from one place to another, you face a lot of tasks of packing, searching for several friends to help you out, and all of it hiring transportation for relocation is too much to handle in Modesto, California.

New Day Moving is a brand that provides hassle-free shifting from one place to another among all Modesto moving companies. NEW DAY MOVING is best if you seek professional service like shifting.

Hire us if you are moving to Modesto for family matters for college or work. Our New Day Moving experts will help you relocate with ease. We are a California-based expert moving company offering a top-notch service that makes your shifting experience enjoyable.

New Day Moving Company Works Like a Pro

 New Day moving always try to satisfy our clients with our job among all moving service in Modesto. We tried to ease your shifting by maintaining specific orders to perform our job.

  • Start preparing early– our experts always try to prepare early so we can save time for other shifting-related work. It is the best way not to forget anything in a hurry.
  • We have made a list of all your belongings – this will help to ensure all the items are in intact position.
  • Estimate the size of your stuff – this will help us load and unload your stuff.
  • Pack your thing very safely- we tried to pack your stuff separately, like jewellery, trophies, awards, and essential documents, and we handed you very safely.

Why You Need a Professional Moving Service

New Day moving is among the finest and most reputed moving companies. We will provide all types of local, long-distance, and labour-only jobs. Self-moving is the best option for saving money. The cost of arranging movers, insurance, tolls, gas, parking, and types of equipment are needed much more than you imagine. By selecting a New Day moving company among all Modesto moving services, we assure you you will not regret it. You will be assured of a quick, magnificent, efficient, and secure move for a decent rate. We have very skilled professionals who take care of everything and make your move a hassle-free move.

Modesto Moving Services Provided By New Day Moving Company

We provide various services for our customers’ convenience.

Out-of-state moves

  •  Out-of-state movement means to move across the state line, such as Modesto to Nevada or Modesto to San Francisco. 
  • The move provides complete separation of the two clients belonging in separate trucks. They will never mix up. 
  • Estimate this type of moving depending on the distance between loading and unloading place number of boxes of items.

We provide labour-only services 

  • The new day the moving company will only help you with labour based jobs.
  • It assures help for loading and unloading your stuff at home very efficiently.
  • It helps you to load and unload your personnel or hire a vehicle at your destination.
  • New Day Moving company staff will help you for relocation your belonging and put your team in the right place for your new house.

Moving to a heavy safe

  • Moving safely is very tidy. First, you have to take out everything that is in the safe.
  • If you are safely bolted, you must remove all bolts for your safe move.
  • You must remove furniture that blocks the path from your home or workplace.
  • We will do your safety from one place to another with reliable and secure transportation.

Piano moving- 

  • Pianos are large and have heavy weights. So we need special care for moving the piano.
  • Any rough handling can damage the sound, so we take extra care to move this delicate product.
  • The grand or upright piano has multiple moving parts like hackers, keys, strings etc. Our staff cushioned and shielded these delicate parts, so they did not get damaged.
  • We can assure you our piano moving partner company is all insured and licensed.

Antique products and fine arts moving- 

  • Antiques and the arts need special care to handle this. Art shipping companies provide air control trailers, so fine arts do not get spoiled.
  • Air control trailers are fully equipped with climate control facilities that will be very useful for the arts.
  • Artefacts are packed into a well-padded and kept in a wooden container according to the size of fine arts.
  • We ensure the authenticity of antiques because we know this is very expensive.
  • We ensure that all our partner moving companies are well insured and licensed. 

We ate NEW DAY MOVING COMPANY, we always try to serve all our customers in an organized and planned manner. Whenever our customers try to seek our help, we always try to help them in our best way. We offer our best possible shifting services to all Modesto movers. Our employees are highly efficient and skilled in this area of going.

Some hard-working and modest people are devoted to their work efficiently. They are committed to the popularity and reputation of this company. We always try to serve our customers genuinely and authentically. As a moving company in Modesto, we will never disappoint you.