Four major distinctions between hiring a professional mover as opposed to doing the job yourself

People contemplating hiring professional movers or moving are likely to ask one question: What will the cost be?

Cost is typically the essential element when hiring a professional or investing time and effort to relocate. There is a widespread misconception regarding moving expenses and the amount you’ll “save” when you do it yourself over time.

The answer? It’s not as simple as you think.

Below, we’ve broken down the details of the expenses and elements that go into moving to help you understand the difference between hiring a professional firm such as New Day Moving and recruiting others to help you take on the task yourself.

What equipment for moving do you intend to use?

In the case of renting a truck, you’ll likely require more than just a pickup truck and a few boxes if you’re planning on moving your entire house.

The best course for this scenario is to lease a truck for moving through a rental firm. However, considering the pre-planned cost of this, along with the recent rise in fuel prices, will result in much more than you imagine. Additionally, you’ll need to purchase additional moving equipment like the stretch wrap, furniture pad, and packaging supplies to keep your possessions safe, including moving boxes, straps, moving dollies, etc.


It may not be reflected as the “actual amount of money,” but time is essential and valuable moving, taking longer than you imagine. It is recommended to unpack everything and then rent a truck. purchase or lease the mover, fill the truck, take it to your new residence and then unload it. This could be a more difficult job than you had planned.

When you work with a firm such as New Day Moving, you’re hiring a professional and experienced team with the experience and equipment needed to finish every move. Additionally, you’ll avoid the hassle of sustaining injuries or soreness from performing the heavy lifting yourself or begging family and friends to assist.

Protect your Stuff 

If you don’t already have experience in moving professionally, You’ll soon realize that moving furniture and other things isn’t simple.

You’re not only putting yourself at risk of injuries by undertaking more than you’re capable of handling as well, but you’re placing your possessions in danger also. The possibility of damage to your belongings can be significantly increased during the move if items aren’t appropriately wrapped and secured in trucks or handled adequately by skilled experts.

Who is Helping?

As a professional moving service, We have lots of assistance. However, if you’re moving by yourself, you’ll need to hire others to help. This can mean awkward text messages to family and friends, asking if they’re open on a Saturday and notifying them that you’ll be paying for pizza and drinks. This can be costly, and it’s not fun to go through it.

Why New Day Moving?

When you consider everything else above – the amount of money that you’ll be spending on trucks and other equipment as well as the possibility of damage in the event of a collision, the additional time and effort, and the long-term health risks of moving – you’ll discover that you’re not making as many savings as you think.

Engaging a professional moving service like New Day Moving ensures we will take care of all the situations mentioned above as you can relax and concentrate on the more essential things. The adage “you receive what you spend for” is never more true than when you hire our company, and you’re receiving full-service, professional experience when you work with our staff.

With New Day Moving, you will get:

Free estimates for moving in-home on the phone or the internet

Packing options and packing equipment available for purchase

Walk through your home with our expert moving teams and a walk-through of your new house so that we know what you need to consider for your move.

You might want to consider employing New Day Moving to finish the job in the event of an imminent relocation.

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