U-Pack vs PODS: Which Is Better for Your Move?

PODS or U-Pack Which one is best to move for you? The answer is based on a myriad of variables. The good news is that U-Pack and PODS have two of the largest and most reliable, well-known storage and moving container firms; at least one of them is likely to be the best choice for your move. Are you not sure which mover container company to pick? Check out our U-Pack and PODS review below.

ABF’s U-Pack ReloCubes

How U-Pack functions When U-Pack delivers the ReloCube at your door, You have three business days to unload and load the container, and U-Pack will then take the container to its final destination. U-Pack states that the typical delivery duration is between two and five business days. It is important to remember that ReloCubes from U-Pack and moving trailers are designed to be used for long-distance moving, not local moves.

Accessibility: Locations across all fifty U.S. states, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Services offered:

  • Long-distance move.
  • Door-to-door delivery.
  • Service centre delivery.
  • Residential moving students relocation.
  • Cross-country moving.
  • Senior moving.
  • Storage for facilities as well as loading and packing assistance.

Options for containers: ReloCube moving containers are available in one size, and the company has a 28-foot trailer.

Dimensions: The inside of every ReloCube is 70″ x 82″ x 93″ and can support as much as 2,500 pounds, approximately one space filled with furniture or boxes. U-Pack has an easy Moving Space Estimator tool to assist customers in determining precisely how many ReloCubes will require for their move.

Flexible payment options: Are you unsure what several containers to use to move? U-Pack provides a flexible method to pay for the moving container. Customers can set aside as many ReloCubes they like, but they will only pay for the amount of moving containers they require. If you think that your move requires three ReloCubes, however, you use two, and you will not have to pay for the additional one. Pay for the empty moving container.

Cost: Our study discovered that the price to move 1,500 miles using just one ReloCube cost $2,547. Moving with two ReloCubes costs $3,821. The cost for moving 1,500 miles using a U-Pack trailer came to $3,478.

Customer reviews: Overall, U-Pack has received favourable reviews from its customers and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. U-Pack provides excellent customer support accessible via email, phone, and Facebook messaging.

Benefits The U-Pack from ABF ReloCubes offer several advantages over other container moving companies:

1.) U-Pack offers fast and flexible delivery options.

2.) U-Pack doesn’t require that customers pay an upfront fee for their containers for moving.

3.) U-Pack lets you buy as many ReloCubes as you’d like but will charge you for the number of ReloCubes utilized.

4.) U-Pack is offered across all fifty U.S. states.


What is the process of PODS work? When PODS takes the container to your doorstep, you can spend as long as you require to load the container. It is possible to use the moving containers for local and long-distance relocations. Similar to U-Pack PODS, containers for moving are weatherproof and steel-framed, which means they can stand up to wind, rain and other weather-related conditions.

Accessibility: Locations in 46 U.S. states, Canada, Australia and the U.K.

Service: Moving locally, long-distance moving, cross-country moving, door-to-door delivery, delivery to a service centre storage in your home facilities storage boxes and moving supplies, loading and packing assistance for residential moving and business relocation.

Container alternatives: PODS provides three sizes of moving containers, including an 8-foot—container and a 12-ft. container, and a 16-ft. container.

Sizes: Unlike U-Pack, PODS offers multiple sizes of moving containers. The company has three sizes of containers:

  • 8-foot container that can hold up to one furniture room.
  • A 12 feet container that can hold three to four furniture rooms.
  • A 16-foot.

The company suggests mixing and matching the sizes of containers to suit your needs to accommodate large-scale moving.

Flexibility in payment: You have to pay for each PODS container purchased. However, you get the advantage of being in a position to load and then pack your container for as long days as is needed. There are no deadlines and no pressure to finish your work. Although the scheduling can be flexible, It’s important to remember that the customers are required to can rent the container for a month.

Local moves usually range from $349 to $549, while long-distance moves generally cost between $999-$2,999. This average includes one month of storage. The costs for storage and moving differ based on available time, duration, size and storage place. Storage fees for PODS begin at $149 per month, including pickup and delivery charges of $74.99.

Review by customers This moving containers company was praised in the news by Newsweek as the best company in customer service in the 2019 edition of America’s Top Customer Service.

Advantages: Although PODS tends to be more expensive than its counterparts, it’s also more practical. The reason is

 1.) PODS offers multiple-size PODS 

2.) PODS locations across all 46 U.S. states make it simple to locate the PODS service centre close to your home. 

3.) PODS can handle local and long-distance moves. 

4.) PODS gives its customers the flexibility of a time frame than other container firms. Customers who require more than a few days to unload and load their belongings can do so according to their schedule with a moving container from PODS.

Other container types for moving options

Do you need storage or a moving container for your next move? U-Pack or PODS aren’t the only choices. Here are six additional containers for moving to think about.

  • Go Mini’s The moving container firm provides steel-framed containers in three sizes of 12 feet. 16 feet, as well as 20 feet. Go Mini allows customers to lease a moving container each week.
  • 1-800-PACK-RAT’s weatherproof containers are available in three sizes of 8-ft. and 12-ft. or 16-ft. 1-800-PACK-RAT can be rented for long-distance and local moves and permits customers to rent their containers monthly.
  • U-Haul’s UBoxes: The well-known truck rental firm provides storage and moving containers. Every U-Box is available in a specific size (95′ 56” ‘ x 83.5 inches) that can accommodate an entire room of boxes and furniture. But, these containers aren’t constructed from steel. Instead, they’re made from heavy-duty plywood. They are equipped with a removable weatherproof cover.
  • COWs is a short form to mean “containers on wheels,” the company that moves containers offers portable containers made of steel in two sizes, 8 feet. as well as 16 feet. Each COW’s container rests on small wheels and can be transported from one location to another. COWs storage and moving containers are available for weekly, daily and monthly rental.
  • The moving container SMARTBOX company provides one size that is 7’x5’x8′. The container can accommodate all the contents of one bedroom or studio. Like U-Pack, the company allows customers to lease the number of SMARTBOX containers they require. But, they will not be charged for unfilled containers.
  • Zippy Shell, Are you planning to move to the city? The storage and moving container company offers “street legal” containers with wheels and license plates that make it easy to park them on the streets of cities. Zippy Shell offers moving containers in two sizes, 10-ft. or 15-ft. The company that handles moving containers also provides customers three days to unload and load their containers.

U-Pack vs PODS FAQs

Is U-Pack or PODS better?

The PODS and U-Pack are both reputable containers for moving that are well-constructed and weatherproof. The specific needs of your move determine the right choice for you. Some things to think about when making your choice: 1.) PODS is available for local and long-distance relocations, whereas U-Pack is only for long-distance moves. If you’re planning to move local, you’ll need to utilize PODS. 

2.) You’ll have to look for a U-Pack or PODS service centre near your point of location of origin and your destination. The service you choose to use will be based on the proximity of an office for service. 

3.) U-Pack only allows three days to unload and load the container. If you need more time, choose PODS. 

4.) U-Pack doesn’t allow at-home storage, only for facility storage. If you’d prefer to store the container home, you’ll have to select PODS. 

5.) With U-Pack, You just pay per square foot of space you need. The company allows you to rent the number of containers you want or reserve the space on the trailer you think you’ll require. You only need to pay for the space or containers you’ll use. If you’re not sure what size of the container you’ll require to have, you might want to consider U-Pack instead of PODS.

What is included in a ReloCube from U-Pack?

Each ReloCube measures 6’x7’x8′, with 308 cubic feet of space inside. It’s enough room to accommodate a large space’s worth of possessions. ReloCubes can hold up to 2,500 pounds. You can place a standard mattress into the ReloCube or the sofa that can be positioned on its back and is not more than 92 inches. If the sofa is flat, it should not exceed 85 inches long to fit in the ReloCube.

How many ReloCubes do I need?

U-Pack’s policy is that you only need one ReloCube for each room in your home. U-Pack offers a simple space estimate tool to aid you in determining the amount of ReloCubes you’ll need and how much space you’ll require.

What is the best way to use the PODS container?

An eight-foot container is ideal for moving a studio or space of at least 500 square feet. 12 feet and the container is suitable for a single-bedroom house with 500-800 sq. feet of space, while a 16-ft. container can move two bedrooms or more than 1,200 square feet. There are many ways to mix and combine your container sizes according to your needs but keep in mind that the medium is twelve-foot. The container is available only for local relocations.

What is the size of the U-Pack’s trailer?

U-Pack trailers measure 28’L x 8’W and 9’H. They have an internal size in the range of 27’x8’x9′. They are 48 inches from the ground and include ramps to ease loading and unloading. When you reserve spaces on U-Pack’s trailer, you can utilize the space you want, with a 5-foot minimum.

What is more effective: PODS or Rat Pack Rat?

PODS and 1-800-PACK-RAT provide many of the same benefits and the same size containers for moving. Both companies provide flexible loading and unloading times, at-home storage, facilities storage, and excellent customer service. We believe you won’t be disappointed with either of them. The main difference is that PODS has more locations than 1-800-PACK-does, which means you’ll need to find which company offers one of their service centres close to your home. The pricing is also, so you’ll need quotes from both companies to evaluate costs.

How does Pack Rat work?

1-800-PACK-RAT is a well-known rival to PODS as well as U-Pack. The company delivers door-to-door of its moving containers. It lets you pack according to your schedule, and then pack Rat offers home and facility storage.

Does U-Pack identical to U-Haul?

Despite sharing a similar name, U-Pack isn’t identical to U-Haul. U-Haul provides U-Box moving containers made out of plywood but not weatherproof steel as U-Pack’s moving containers.

Who is U-Pack’s owner?

U-Pack is the name of the moving service offered via ABF Freight (an ArcBest carrier). ABF is an international freight shipping company specializing in national or regional shipping.

What is the maximum time you store a container using PODS and U-Pack?

In evaluating the U-Pack vs PODS, it is crucial to examine each firm’s storage choices. U-Pack provides storage in its facilities and at-home storage, and PODS offers both storages in facilities and storage at home. Both companies offer storage solutions for long-term or short-term use. It’s also important to know that neither U-Pack nor PODS storage facilities adhere to strict climate-controlled guidelines.


We at newdaymoving.us are committed to giving you the most reliable reviews and details to help make your move as smooth as possible. When we analyze and compare moving companies, we consider the following aspects:

  • Locations and availability Locations and availability Locations and availability – examine the container firm’s size and whether they have a reliable network of service centres.
  • Services and offerings: We review each container firm’s services, from containers’ size to storage solutions.
  • Costs The HTML0 Costs – review rates and quotes to determine who offers fair and competitive costs.
  • Options for insurance – Comprehensive protection options are crucial when choosing the right moving container company. We evaluate each firm’s insurance options and the levels of protection they provide.
  • Quote, process It is our job to examine the quality of the quote process, whether it is easy, how transparent pricing is, and if there are any hidden or unanticipated costs.
  • Ratings and reviews Reviews and rating Review and rating based on HTML0. Review online reviews of customers, BBB ratings, customer-friendly discounts, site accuracy, and user experience to evaluate the overall reputation of a business.

Are you ready to purchase your container for moving?

If you require multiple-sized containers or a flexible time frame, you’ll find what you’re looking for in these two options. Moving containers is a cost-effective method of moving your possessions instead of full-service moving services. They are also a great solution for those seeking the storage of their belongings for some time or during the process of moving. Start by going to Moving Containers and Quotes for Moving Storage Containers to obtain free quotes for moving containers.

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