Palo Alto Moving Services

Are you looking for a top Palo Alto moving service company who can handle your move from Palo Alto to anywhere else? If yes, then you should consider using our Palo Alto moving service. Our team of experienced movers at New Day Moving has years of experience in handling moves and they can provide you with great service at affordable rates. Moving house or office is a stressful time. That’s why it’s important to hire professionals who can take care of every aspect of the move. From packing to unpacking, loading to unloading, our team of movers can handle everything. Our movers can pack and load your items safely and securely. They can also unload them efficiently and safely. Plus, they can even arrange for storage if needed. All these tasks are done professionally and within budget.

What Can You Expect From New Day Moving When You Hire Us?

 Experienced Movers:

Our long-term relationship with many clients enables us to learn about their needs and requirements when hiring moving services. We know what to do and how to do all manner of jobs quickly, quietly, and safely. We love doing it! So you won’t be disappointed by our level of expertise.

Reliable movers:

We have provided reliable moving services since 1993. Over the past 20+ years, there hasn’t been any complaint regarding the quality of our work. In fact, most people prefer us over other companies because they get value for money. As an added bonus, our prices are quite competitive compared to others in the industry.

Friendly staff:

At Palo Alto Moving Company, our friendly crew members will make sure that you feel relaxed during the entire process of moving. Whether you need help planning the logistics or giving suggestions throughout, they will listen to your concerns and advise you accordingly. You’ll never regret choosing us as your mover. Also, our drivers are very polite and courteous.

Affordable rate:

We offer a range of cost-effective options including hourly quotes and fixed price packages. For smaller moves, hourly charges work out less expensive than lump sum invoicing. We charge per hour based on our current rate list. Rates may vary depending upon the weight/volume of the goods and distance traveled.

Emergency Response:

If ever you get stuck at home while your belongings are being packed up, don’t worry. Just call us and we’ll be there right away. When you book our moving services, you’re entitled to free estimates without any obligation. This gives you the opportunity to compare the price tag of different moving firms before making a choice.

Moving Insurance:

Our team of movers comes insured against loss, damage, and theft. They also come equipped with all necessary tools like ladders, blankets, etc. This ensures that you’re totally protected. On top of this, we provide comprehensive coverage against accidental damage (e.g. breakages). Hence, you can rest assured knowing that your possessions will reach their destination safe and sound.

Quality Tracking System:

Whether it’s domestic or international relocation, we use online tracking systems to confirm whether your shipment has arrived at its destination on time. Once completed, you’ll receive a text message informing you where it is located. The tracking number is also available through email to help you monitor the progress of your move.

Customer Service Support:

Our customer service team is available 24/7. For live chat support and phone numbers, you can contact us whenever needed. Our representatives will not only respond to your questions but will also take care of any issues related to booking moving services.

Professional Uniforms & Vehicles:

You should always hire professionals for large projects like house moves. This is because they have experience and expertise in handling heavy appliances and furniture. Unlike others who might try lifting things on their own, our movers always carry professional equipment and wear safety gear such as hard hats, gloves, boots, body vests, and trolleys to guard against injuries caused by accidents.

Prompt Delivery:

Your item will definitely arrive at its intended location on schedule. However, if a delay happens due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, we will notify you immediately. After that, we’ll do everything possible to deliver your items as soon as possible. If you want to speed up the shipping process, we suggest packing fragile items with bubble wrap first.

Relocation Checklist:

While getting ready for a move, make sure you prepare an inventory of all personal effects and valuables, especially those that require special treatment. Create a box for each item using sturdy boxes and wrapping paper. Include important documents like passports, medical records, and anything else that needs to be carefully packed.

No Hidden Fees:

We never add any extra costs during the course of moving. Therefore, when you book our moving services you won’t need to shell out any money until we’ve confirmed the final payment amount via invoice. Any additional expenses incurred during the move will be discussed upfront prior to starting work. We also include pre-movers clean in our rates so there aren’t any nasty surprises at checkout.

Price promise:

We guarantee that we will provide the most competitive prices in town. If you find a lower price elsewhere, just tell us about it. We’ll either match the quote or get back to you promptly. Please note that pricing varies from one area to another. As a result, you should discuss the terms and conditions of your particular move before you hire with us.

Zero Risk Policy:

If something does go wrong while moving, then don’t worry! In case your goods are damaged or stolen, our insurance covers 100% of the value. Furthermore, you’ll receive a replacement package within 14 days of receiving the proof of claim. Our movers will cover damage from transit loss (i.e., theft or damage) and freight loss (i.e., natural or accidental causes).

 Free Pick Up & Drop Off:

When you book our moving services, you’ll be provided with two free pick-ups and drops for no extra charge. The local team will come over to your place to unload the load at no cost. Similarly, once the items are delivered to their new spot, they will send someone over to collect them from your doorstep.

List of our services

Hiring a pro can save you time and energy. With us, you can expect reliable service even if you’re moving outside normal working hours. Moreover, for big projects like house moves, our experts have the expertise needed to handle tough situations without breaking a sweat.