Things You Need To Be Aware of before moving into Concord, CA.

Concord’s East San Francisco Bay community is located only 29 miles from the central city and is a beautiful location to live in.

Additionally, it is situated centrally close to Napa, Silicon Valley, and Sacramento. The California sector continuously cultivates an atmosphere of camaraderie between people who live there even after being brought up within the boundaries.

If you’re seeking out more about this fantastic city, check out this guide for details on living costs, educational requirements, jobs, and much more. When you’ve finished reading this guide, it could change your life and help you decide if Concord is where you’d like to live.

Concord Climate

With a temperature of approximately 90 degrees during summer and a low of around 41 degrees during the winter, the area is very comfortable with the weather. Four distinct seasons are available; residents enjoy a bath in sunscreen in June, July, and August and pull out their favorite sweaters in January, December, and February. With no snow and just 18 inches of rain falling on 57 all year long, residents seldom require shelter from the rain.

Concord Neighbourhoods

Concord is comprised of several subdivisions, with approximately 30 distinct sectors within the city. There are three districts in the town: northern, southern, and valley. Concord Valley, the largest neighborhood in the area with a population of 56,000, as well as the region that includes Diablo Creek Golf Course, an area with a small number of residents, are in stark contrast, which shows how many areas of the town are very dense and others are not so. Though they differ in different ways, all areas of town are joined together by Concord Neighborhood Partnership Program. The Concord Neighborhood Partnership Program is dedicated to preserving the perfect quality of life. Some of the most expensive parts of Concord renowned for having affluent living include Oak Grove Road, David Avenue, and Babel Lane. Detroit Avenue and Monument Boulevard are areas that are less well-known for their crime rate than are comfortable.

Registering Your Car

If you decide to move into the state, you will have ten days to keep your California Division of Motor Vehicles license. You are considered an official state resident when you vote, pay school tuition, or file property taxes. You need to provide evidence of your name, address, birth date, address, and security card for a permit. If you don’t possess an out-of-state license to surrender, you’ll need to pass a road or vision test. The cost for state licenses is 39 dollars. Registering your car and getting California plates is simple and is required within 20 working days from moving to the area. Proof of insurance is required to register your vehicle and costs $46.

Concord Schools

The Mount Diablo Unified School District is home to children from the region at eight middle, 28 elementary, five high schools, and other educational facilities. Clayton Valley Charter High School is another well-known secondary school where students learn. There are numerous private schools where students are provided with specific religious instruction. For post-secondary colleges, California State University in East Bay has a site located in Concord. It is an excellent option for young students to pursue a four-year degree right in the city.

Concord Employment

It is also known as a bedroom or commuter town community; most area residents reside outside of Concord, less than 40 minutes from San Francisco and 25 minutes away from Oakland for work. Don’t be fooled by the name, as there’s plenty of employment in the area with 8.5% unemployment. Although it’s a little higher than the average across the nation, the rate is fairly reasonable compared to the other American cities. The most prominent employers in town that ensure the economy is healthy are the school district, which employs over 4,300 employees, Wells Fargo Credit Center, and Chevron, which each employs 1,500 people. There is the Bank of America Technology Center has 1,300 employees. It is important to note that the Concord Chamber of Commerce is always ready to assist in helping to improve the local economy since it can provide a lot for local businesses.

Cost of Living within the City

A major, though certainly not the main, drawback to establishing an environment in which people can live is the cost of living. With 5.6% more over the average for California standard and 38.5% more over the average for the nation, this state is a little expensive. CNN Money reports a median household income of $75,166, with a median house price of $244,366. The cost of a single-bedroom apartment in the area begins at approximately $1,000 but could go as high as $1,800, depending on the area and the quality of the property. Costs for utilities can vary based on the size of the family and the usage, which is why it’s cheaper for a couple than five people in a household.

Concord Moving Resources

Storage and moving businesses are prepared and ready to assist you in moving to Concord regardless of whether you’re moving from outside of the state or to another county within California. Get estimates from several moving companies before hiring any (at least three estimates). Keep an eye on our guides to learn more about selecting the right moving company with essential questions to inquire about, identifying the different types of estimates and pitfalls to avoid.

Concord Transportation

Interstate 680 and State Routes 2 and 242 are the main routes that serve the city. Other main roads comprise Willow Pass, Clayton, Oak Grove Roads, and Monument and Treat Boulevards. Residents can hop on buses to travel to their destinations with County Connection. County Connection when not driving their vehicles, and the public transit agency also offers paratransit services in addition. Airports are also available. Buchanan Field is a local landing strip; however, residents must depart Oakland International Airport to catch flights further out of the region. It is located just an hour away.

Culture and Contemporary Life

Concord is a friendly community for families that is a place where people live in the moment, with the children’s festivals, ice-cream socials, and much more. It is possible that residents are not gathered at Todos Santos Plaza to attend annual summer celebrations such as those celebrating July 4th, such as the Pancake Breakfast or the Free Summer Music Series. In this instance, it is possible to find them playing together within one area’s many parks and recreational areas. Playgrounds and picnics within Concord are always full of kids and adults enjoying the beautiful weather and the company. Naturally, the downtown district is filled with fine dining establishments and a farmer’s market, and shops where people of all ages go for a great time.

Concord Relocation Tips

  • Don’t regret it if you get a scammer hired by a business for relocation. Check the background of the companies you choose to hire to ensure that they are reliable.
  • Get started from scratch. Make your move green and cut down on fuel consumption and your carbon footprint.
  • Instead of shelling out cash for moving expenses and other expenses, you can earn a little money back with tax breaks for moving.

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