Things You Need to Know Prior to Moving to Hayward, CA

There’s quite an opportunity to have fun in Hayward. Whether you’re in business, attending school, or simply relaxing in, Hayward’s California community has a lot to offer families of all different ages.

It was popularly referred to as “the Heart of the Garden of Eden due to its climate and soil. The community was gathered by Costanoan culture during the latter part of the 18th century when Spanish missionaries and explorers began to settle in the region.

There is a wealth of past within the city’s 44 square miles. You might want to think about moving to the city. Spend a few minutes reading this guide to understand the neighborhood’s amenities, transportation, and living costs.

After considering all the advantages and disadvantages, you may end up located in San Francisco Bay Area, beginning a new chapter in your life.

Hayward Climate

It’s never too cold or hot in the city, With an average of 71 ° and an average winter low temperature of just 42°. With no snow and just 18 inches of rainfall per year, the locals are awed by staying dry and not having to seek shelter to escape the storm. In the 365 days of every year, Hayward enjoys 257 sunshine days making sunscreens and sunglasses the most popular items. Like winter and summer, spring and autumn, the months of fall and spring are warm, and locals enjoy the outdoors from September to December and March through June.

Hayward Neighborhoods

With more than 150,000 residents across Hayward homes, they are scattered all over the town, full of subdivisions and schools, shopping centers, and businesses. Certain areas are more populated than others. The Harder/Tennyson area has more than 27,000 people living there, Glen Eden has more than 16,000 inhabitants, and Fairway Park, Garin, and Longwood/Winton Grove have an average of 10,000 people living in their respective areas. Downtown is home to Hayward City Hall, Green Shutter Hotel, and Cinema Place, bringing government entertainment, tourism, and entertainment all together in the city’s center.

Whatever location families reside in Hayward, kids are always a top priority at every corner. Hayward is one of 21 Promise Neighborhoods across the United States; the Federal government supports Hayward in developing complete community curriculums. The goal for Promise Neighborhoods is that all children who grow up in Hayward are entitled to access to an effective education and community support that helps train them. In the meantime, they are preparing for further education and professional jobs.

Registering Your Car

The California Division of Motor has 10 days to get the new license in Hayward. It is considered a resident in Hayward if you vote, pay tuition to school, or file property taxes within the state. New residents need to provide evidence of their name, address, birth date, address, and Social Security number. A vision test is required, and an additional fee of $39 is the only thing new residents must pass to become legally licensed following the submission of their previous state license. It’s also very easy to register your vehicle and get California license plates. With evidence of insurance, you can apply for registration at $46 and get brand new California tags.

Hayward Schools

The Hayward Unified School District is the place where everything starts for students. This district houses over 20,000 pupils across 30 schools and bases its curriculum on three R’s: Rigor, Responsibility, and results. Since students are taught to be hard-working and accountable and aim to achieve a positive result and achieve their goals throughout the school year, right up to graduation, students attending Hayward school private get an excellent education, thanks to specialization and religious education.

After graduating, students typically enroll at California State University, East Bay. Chabot Community College is a sought-after spot to learn with more than 100 areas of study, smaller class sizes, and award-winning instructors. Chabot Community College is a college for those who want to finish a two-year college and obtain an associate’s degree. If your kids are not college-aged, it is advisable to delay moving into the summer months so that they do not have to leave their classes and social life at the end of the school year.

Hayward Employment

An 8.9 percent rate of floating unemployment is one point higher than the 7.9 percent average across the country, making Hayward somewhat more challenging to get a job if you don’t find work before moving to the area. The notable employers in the area that employ a large number of residents are Kaiser Permanente, Alameda County, Hayward Unified School District, and Californian State University East Bay.

The city is home to many high-tech firms and corporate headquarters, and a variety of manufacturing companies; Hayward is a great location to work from, with numerous career options. If you’re planning for a new location to expand your company, it’d be beneficial to speak with the Hayward Economic Development Organization and inquire about the possibility of community commerce.

Cost of Living within the City

CNN Money reports a median family income of $67.012, and the median home value was $257,244 Hayward. While the jobs increase for Hayward in the Californian community was estimated at 3.64 percent in 2010, The state sales tax was 8.25 percent. If you look at the numbers, you will see that living affordable in the region with an income-producing job is feasible. This is especially applicable when leasing an apartment. Although they can be expensive for one individual, with a one-bedroom beginning at $950 to $1,300, a 2-bedroom apartment in which you have a roommate share is far more affordable.

Hayward Moving Resources

Storage and moving companies are available and ready to assist you in moving to Hayward regardless of moving out of state or to another county within Hayward. Be sure to get estimates from various moving companies before hiring any (at minimum three estimations). Follow our guides to learn more about selecting the right moving company with essential questions to ask, distinguishing between different kinds of estimates, and pitfalls to avoid.

Hayward Transportation

Interstates 880, State Route 92, and 238 are in Hayward and make it easy for motorists to move around the city. If you’re not keen to drive, then BART, also known as the Bay Area Rapid Transport, BART is the correct route to take. Locals can take a ride on the rail system with two stations located in Hayward downtown and one on the south side. Five ways are operating that cover 100 miles; Hayward residents aren’t having a problem staying punctual.

The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC) has 175 lines available for locals to choose from when they prefer to ride the bus. Of course, if you don’t like riding with everyone else, you can travel in a limousine or taxi within the city. Hayward Executive Airport is a general aviation runway that both visitors and residents widely utilize at any time.

Culture and Contemporary Life

Hayward Youth and Family and Senior Services create a livelihood within the community that is enjoyable for residents of all ages. In addition to the many free government-run programs available to residents, they can also be found at the library for homework assistance and literacy classes. Apart from the many community and library-related events, residents also enjoy dining and shopping around the town. Many eat food every Monday at Off the Grid, an Off the Grid Mobile Gourmet Food Truck Event, or have a good time at the local eateries any night during the week. Hayward is a hub of shops that sell footwear, clothes, and other items for purchasing.

Hayward Relocation Tips

  • Consider whether you need to consider moving. While Hayward might seem like the perfect place to live, don’t make a rash decision just to regret moving into your California community.
  •  If you choose to move districts, you should do your homework and discover the different kinds of services for moving, looking at costs and options between at least four firms.
  •  Visit Hayward and find out if this is what you thought you would get by spending just a few days at the destination of your choice. While you’re there, look at the establishments and schools to determine if they offer excellent educational and job options for yourself and the family.

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