Things You Should Know Before Moving to Oakland, CA

With stunning views of the lake and the incredibly vibrant port industry, Oakland attracts a lot of residents to the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California. If you’re considering being the next city to be added located in Alameda County, look at the details below in your choice-making process.

Whatever has prompted you to contemplate moving to Oakland, You should do the final assessment. Here are some essential facts about the city as well as some helpful suggestions for moving:

Oakland Climate

Oakland’s climate is described as an annual Mediterranean climate. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, it’s placed at the top of the list for the climate in US cities. Its temperature is similar to San Francisco and San Jose, with dry, warm summers and mild, damp winters. Northern parts of the city are prone to cool fog, but it usually disappears in the afternoon and leaves the remainder of the day sun-drenched and warm.

The winter months from December to February usually do not drop below the mid-’40s, with the highest temperatures reaching the mid-’60s. Every month is the typical range of the 50s through mid-70s.

Oakland residents can sometimes encounter movement caused by earthquake faults like the Hayward fault, which traverses Oakland, Berkeley, San Jose, and the surrounding areas.

Oakland Neighborhoods

Oakland is split into more than 50 neighborhoods spread across the larger sections of the city. These comprise Downtown Oakland and the Central Business District, Lake Merritt, East Oakland, North Oakland, West Oakland and Oakland Hills.

East Oakland Hills make up the majority of Oakland. Lake Merritt is surrounded by downtown Oakland, Children’s Fairyland and Laney Community College and has urban neighbourhoods that have an urban feel instead of the bustling downtown. Residents enjoy running and biking outside in these areas.

To find a more elegant neighbourhood, check out Rockridge and its high-quality schools, boutique stores and the ease of accessing transit.

Registering Your Car

To avoid any fines, You must also declare your vehicle registered within 20 days of entering or residency, as per California’s DMV website. You must complete the application to obtain a Title or Registration signed by the owner in the manner shown on your title issued to an out-of-state owner. This title was issued last out-of-state, as well as smog and weight certificate (if relevant) and any taxes or fees as well as the vehicle to be checked at the DMV.

If you decide to move to California, You must wait 10 days before obtaining a California driving license. You must fill out the application form DL44 with a thumbprint, take a picture, and give your full name and your social security number. In addition, you must be able to pay for your application, take the vision test, and then take traffic laws and a sign test.

Oakland Schools

Oakland Unified School District is a district that serves the entirety of Oakland and comprises the following elementary schools: 59 and 23 middle schools and 19 high schools. OUSD also provides four different adult education institutions and nine alternative education programs. The three top high schools within the district include Oakland High School, Oakland Technical High School and Skyline High School. Private high schools within the region comprise The College Preparatory School, Head-Royce School, Catholic Bishop O’Dowd High School and St. Elizabeth High School.

For educational advancement in this region is concerned, Oakland has many notable accredited universities and colleges, including Laney College, Merritt College, California College of the Arts, Lincoln University and Patten University.

Oakland Employment

In 2012 the unemployment rate in Oakland was 8.5%, slightly more than the national average but still down from the 10.1% average in 2010. The median household income is around $49,000 per year. Construction trades make up a large part of the economy of Oakland, and the city has classes to train in these trades and assist in urban planning and development.

Some of the other major industries in the city include health and business services, wholesale trade and retail transportation and food processing, and arts, culture, and education. Oakland’s Port of Oakland moves poultry feed, animal feed, timber, cotton, lumber, and many other products, creating more than 200 000 jobs in connection with the transportation of these items.

Living Costs in the City

The median cost for an apartment in Oakland is under $300,000. However, the living costs are nearly 35% more than the average for America. The city’s median household income is under $50,000, and families who live in more upscale areas will earn more than $100,000 annually. One-bedroom apartments can cost from $600 to $1700 per month, depending on their area, size, and facilities.

Your monthly utility bill will differ according to the type of property you own or rent. You can include these expenses in your rent, but homeowners usually pay separate electric, gas, water, garbage, and water charges. Gas and electric bills can range from $100 to $300 per month, contingent on your house’s size and the amount of electricity you use.

The cost of fuel tends to be more expensive when you live in California, the Golden State, so be sure to add that to your commute costs when you own a vehicle.

Oakland Moving Resources

Moving and storage firms are prepared and eager to assist you with moving to Oakland, whether you’re moving outside the state or to another county within California. Be sure to get estimates from various moving companies before you decide to hire any (at minimum three estimations). Go back to our guide to help you select the right moving company with crucial questions to ask, discerning between different estimates and the mistakes to avoid.

Oakland Transportation

About a quarter of Oakland’s residents rely on public transportation to get to work. The city’s long- and regional trains are served by Amtrak and have stations located in Jack London Square and Oakland Coliseum. Bus services that are used in Oakland include Alameda, Contra Costa Transit Direct and Bay Area Rapid Transit. Jack London Square also has the ferry service Alameda/Oakland that runs from Jack London Square to Alameda, San Francisco and Angel Island.

If you don’t own an automobile, you can travel to the city via taxi or even bike taxi. There are many bicycle lanes within the metropolis, some being added because it is home to one of the biggest cycling commuters across the country.

Major highways within this city comprise the MacArthur Freeway (Interstate 580), Interstate 980, Interstate 880, Interstate 80, SR 24 and SR 13.

Culture & Contemporary Life

Oakland’s nightlife is lively and lively, with numerous nightclubs and bars, including modern jazz bars, lounges, and dance clubs. Fox Oakland Theatre Fox Oakland Theatre pulls in various musical acts such as blues, rock punk, jazz, and reggae groups.

Parks outdoors are plentiful in Oakland, such as Joaquin Miller Park, Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve, Morcom Rose Garden, and Lake Merritt.

For a city of significance, Oakland is considered one of the most diverse ethnically diverse cities in the nation, with diverse ethnic groups with different backgrounds, such as countries like Cuba, Japan, Mexico, Vietnam, China, Korea as well as the Philippines, along with Pacific Islanders and Alaskan natives.

Oakland has three professional teams in sports: Oakland Athletics (MLB – American League West), Oakland Raiders (NFL – AFC West) and the Golden State Warriors (NBA – Pacific Division); the Raiders and the A’s play in the Coliseum at Oakland and Alameda.

Oakland Relocation Tips

  • Locals have said parking near Lake Merritt isn’t ideal, and many people have garages to rent in the vicinity. Be on the lookout for streets in residential areas if you have a vehicle, but you might not have to use it since most people use the transit system.
  • Lake Merritt boasts great farmers’ markets. Go there on Saturdays for a taste of fresh produce and live music.
  • As with the diversity of the population, you can also enjoy a variety of food! Explore your palate and try Mexican, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Ethiopian and other exotic food styles.

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