San Rafael Moving Services

It can be from state to state or from one country to another. Everyone knows it is crucial to make a proper selection when you get help from a professional San Rafael moving services company in California. One of the famous moving companies is NEW DAY MOVING, which is considered a professional moving company that helps you to shift your goods from one country to another country quickly.

In 2021, NEW DAY MOVING was established and started with California moving experts who are eligible to provide the best moving services for the different house owners in different parts of the country by giving long-distance as well as local clients a priority compared to other San Rafael moving services.

This article will discuss why we are considered one of the best movers’ companies for your next move. Here, we will discuss some of the best reasons for trusting us.

How did you select New Day Moving in San Moving Company?

Moving with all belongings is a very tough and hectic job. So then, if you consider us, we will provide you 

  • From packing to loading  
  • After reaching your destination, we will unpack your goods 
  • Rearranging your belongings

You can move your things in just 4 easy steps.

1)      Request a valid quote

  • You can contact us by requesting a free estimate. 
  • You will just have to complete the online form.
  • Or by calling us for any queries.

 2)    Get a detailed estimate

  • First, you must select the distance and additional services required for your shift.
  • Following your checklist and distance, we will provide the guaranteed cost for your relocation.

 3)    Provide your moving details

      Our supervisor will discuss the relocation matter with you either 

  • On the phone 
  • Or at your home at your time.

 4)    Book our service and get satisfied: 

  • Choose and pick a date and time at your convenience
  • Book your service
  • On the day of the journey, you just sit, relax, and see how our organizer works perfectly.

Why choose a NEW DAY MOVING COMPANY in San Rafael Moving Services?

1)     We give you an entirely satisfactory service – We provide our client with a full range of storage and moving services in San Rafael. Our supervisor can handle all the moves that you require for long-distance or local relocation.

2)     We provide the best service in the moving business– With professional movers in the San Rafael Movers industry, we can reach every detail of your moving needs, from start to finish.

3)     We work domestically – we provide long-distance facilities as local relocation facilities in the San Rafael Moving Service. We offer up to-mark services for Modesto, Cares, Atwater, and all cities within 100 miles of Modesto. For long-distance moving, we service within California and out of the state.

4)      Full service of Business and household moving– while you are considering moving significantly commercial move, our San Rafael Movers will do everything to complete the job.

5)      Full service that we provide to our clients include

  • Free site inspection
  • Full service and fragile only packing
  • Valuation insures
  •  Custom Dates
  • Speciality in Moving Service in San Rafael
  •  Corporate relocation

6)      Professional workers- Our professionals are well trained in their duty. They have certified the most effective relocation process (utilization) among the San Rafael Movers Company.

7)      A pleasant experience– we assure you a pleasant experience with us. You have nothing to worry about, and we have many happy and satisfied clients, and we will take all your headache.

8)      We are a fully licensed moving company in San Rafael– We maintain our license as a guarantee for our customers. In obtaining a license we had to obey some protocols like insurance, financial strength, serious stuff, and, much more important scale in the proper place to the state government.

9)      Our clients love the flexibility that we offer – 

  • we allow our customers to pick and choose the facility they want from us
  • we offer our customers only services like packing and unpacking their personal belongings. 
  • On the other hand, many clients leave all the trouble to us, which can help them to free themselves from the anxiety or stress involved in moving.

10)   Some of our services– we provide some services to our clients like packing, unpacking, supplies, transportation, loading, unloading, etc many services.


In San Rafael Moving Companies, NEW DAY MOVING is one of the most trustworthy moving companies. The company provides different moving services that require relocation. If you are shifting locally or moving across the country. We New Day Moving is a well-reputed movers’ company among the San Rafael moving companies that provides a hassle-free relocation from start to finish. We always give preferences to our clients that are happy with our services. We hope this article has given you a brief about our company, the services we provide, and why we are considered one of the best among the San Rafael moving companies.