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Here are some tips to ensure that your safe’s journey is safe and smooth and that your valuables won’t get damaged.
Take everything out of your safe before getting there! There are many reasons to do this:
Separately transporting your valuables will prevent them from getting damaged when moving. In the event of a weight shift, it could result in that the safe’s contents moving around as loose objects could be thrown around and hit each other.
If your safe is bolted down, bolts will need to be taken off by the customer.
The removal of the contents will help us safeguard the property of you and our staff.
The safe will be turned and tilted in the course of moving. The contents inside the safe could change, and this could result in the weight change.
Road conditions can be volatile. Driving on gravel or dirt roads or potholed roads could create an unpleasant ride. Can throw the loose items around in the safe itself.
Take away or remove any furniture that blocks the path to clear the safe from your garage or home.

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Would you please eliminate all throw rugs that may get caught in our equipment or cause a trip hazard?

When your safe is locked into a closet or the tightest of spaces, please take every step to remove any obstructions which could hinder your move. Our team is equipped proper equipment needed to remove the safe from restricted areas.
If the safe is located in the garage, ensure enough space to fit our equipment to where you can find your safety. It includes a rather big furniture-style dolly.
In light of the amount of delivery Dean Safe makes, we utilize our team to move and delivering safes within California.
Create a specific area to keep the safe in the new place.
Be sure to have the proper measurements for hallways and doorways to ensure that the safe will be able to fit into your new area.
If you have stairs to be considered at the new or old locations, Please notify us as soon as the appointment is scheduled. Keep in mind that we can handle nearly every stair job, except for circular staircases. We can use the slightly curly staircase, but tight circular staircases won’t work with our equipment.
Staircases with landings generally are not a problem. However, we could require you to take measurements of the dock to ensure enough space to use our stair-climbing equipment and our staff’s safety.

Always make sure you have a second place to store the safe if you cannot put it in the first place you choose. It is essential in cases where your primary option is upstairs.

Get the following details in your possession:

Make & Model of Safe or Safe’s Dimensions & Weight

For Pick-Up:
Is the current safe in the home, or in is it in the garage?
Are there any steps involved?

For the Move:
Is the safe being put in a house or garage?
Do we need to bolt the safe to the new place?
Are there stairs that lead to the new site of the safe? If yes, what number?